Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ezekiel 37
In a vision, God brings Ezekiel out "in the spirit of the Lord" in to a valley full of bones that were very dry. Lots of bones. I imagine leg bones, foot bones, skulls and the like scattered on top of each other, crunching beneath his feet while he walked. God then asks him if the bones can live and Ezekiel basically says that God only knows the answer to that question. But God turns it right back on him and says for him to tell the bones that God says to regain flesh - - so that they will know that GOD is the Lord.
So Ezekiel obeys and the bones rattle and come together and I picture something out of a Tim Burton movie as the bones swirl and crash and attach themselves back together and then almost like an explosion in reverse, they gain human form starting with sinews and ending with skin. But they still have no life. So God tells Ezekiel to prophesy over them that the Lord commands breath into them and so, in true form they come to life and an army stands before him. Not an army of the undead, but an army of living people, healthy and strong.
The interpretation of this vision soon follows. God says that his people are dry bones, their hope is lost, but God will restore them and give them breath. He will "raise them from their graves..." They will know that it is Him that is doing it and he will put His spirit in them so that they will "know that I am the Lord. I have spoken and I will do it." says the Lord.
Interesting stuff here - - it has been said that this was not just a message to the captive people of Israel, but also a prophetic word about the coming Christ. His spirit would live in them. - - So it brings us once again back to the Gospel. As we are changed, as we are sanctified, as we grow. God brings Ezekiel out, asks him a question and says to "Do it in my name". The power is His. The faith is ours.

Often I think that if God wants something to happen, He will "make a way". I hear others say this all the time as well and it seems to be a bit of a cop-out based on this scripture. It's like this quiet inner dialogue exists between Ezekiel's soul and God. When God asks if the bones can come to life, Ezekiel shoots it right back to God and says, "Well, I know you know the answer to that." What is most interesting is God's response. It is almost like he doesn't hear it. Ezekiel is saying "You can make a way..." and God simply says for him to do it in His name. He does not "make a way" he has already commanded Ezekiel to do it, so the assumption is that a way already exists... just do it.
It continues this way throughout this passage where God says just to do it and as Ezekiel does, we see less questioning because his faith is building as God continues to move in response to Ezekiel's obedience.

So here's the rub. How do I respond when I hear a prompting from inside that I know is right, but doesn't seem possible or at the very least is not pleasing to me? Most of the time I wait. I tell others that I will "pray about that..." or silently tell God that as soon as ________ (you fill in the blank) happens I will happily obey. I am waiting for God to "make a way", but God doesn't always make a way after a command has been given. If I keep waiting, the "way" that He has already made may pass me by, because I didn't act on what I couldn't see. Faith doesn't build and we don't grow, when we wait to act on a prompt from the Holy Spirit. His timing is perfect, and when I miss an opportunity to take part in what He is doing, he will simply use someone else.