Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad
I write this note
It's ten o'clock
at night
It seems I got
Another glimpse
An insight in
To life
My son turned eight
With smiling face
A couple weeks ago
And now I write
To you two guys
What you already know.

Tonight I held
My little boy
The same way I used to
His head against
My chest his knees
Were folded like they do
I held him tight
And prayed for him
A third grade kid
That's right
I held my giant
Third grade kid
My baby boy

I'm crying now
I don't know why
I'm happy but
I'm sad
I want him to
Grow strong and smart
To know the good
from bad
I know he can't
Stay little long
It just would not
Be right
But tell that to
A dad who holds
His third grade child
At night

So mom and dad
I write this note
Because of all you did
And how you watched
Me all these  years
And now I have
Two kids
I kiss their heads
And then I think
Of you guys at your home
And how my face
Must look so strange
To the ones that used to hold
And how your hearts
Get rearranged
When you think of how
You held